Galaxy FCT - A Hydrogen Solution
Background - Climate Crisis & Hydrogen 
The Climate Crisis is "in our faces" and the situation is deteriorating rapidly.
Even with the temporary respite from the pandemic shut downs, the effects of climate change is accelerating. Unprecedented floods in China, Uncontrollable wildfires in California, Hurricanes and Typhoons more often at greater intensity, Highest temperature recorded in Death Valley, California, Ice Melt rates consistent with the worst case scenario of the IPCC. All these reported just in the month of August 2020. 
The need to decarbonize the planet has never been more urgent. Time is short, resources are limited and our carbon budget is quickly running out. 
Hydrogen - A Beacon of Hope
Hydrogen is energy dense and it burns clean. Extremely attractive qualities in these times of need. Along with the remarkable growth of renewables, Hydrogen is seen as key to mankind's ability to stem the tide against climate change. 
However, Hydrogen also has its darker side - its physical properties which has resulted in several false dawns over the past 50 years. Hydrogen is the lightest element with very low density, it ignites extremely easily and its very explosive - making logistics and storage extremely difficult and costly. 
There is nothing inherently wrong with Hydrogen ... just that the way we handle Storage and Logistics