Galaxy FCT - A Hydrogen Solution
Conventional Logistics Won't Get the Job Done 
The current focus on production costs of H2 misses the point. It's just the tip of the iceberg. The real cost is camouflaged in the massive “infrastructure drag” and the many hidden operating costs across the entire supply chain. This is the Achilles Heel of Conventional H2 Logistics (in the form of liquid H2 and high-pressure compressed gas) which has hamstrung the the ability of H2 to scale.
Conceptually, Conventional H2 Logistics goes against the grain of the physics. It seeks to subdue the nature of H2 Gas by deploying lots or (expensive) infrastructure at every segment of the supply chain. It may be possible in limited environments at great expense, at best a local solution - certainly not a global solution to our need for decarbonization. 
Fighting the physics/science of hydrogen gas is a difficult endeavor. It gets exponentially worse as (1) distances gets longer; (2) the usage of H2 per user gets smaller; (3) users are dispersed and/or intermittent; and when (4) longer periods of storage of H2 gas is required. 
Conventional H2 Logistics costs too much … and changes far too little …and delivers way too late to stem the tide in our battle against climate change. We need a paradigm shift.