Galaxy FCT - A Hydrogen Solution

Solid H2 Logistics - A Paradigm Shift
Solid H2 Logistics BYPASSES the need to fight the physics of H2 Gas. H2 is packaged at point of production into a solid energy dense chemical compound which is non-flammable and handled/stored at ambient temperature without pressure. H2 gas is released at the user location “on-demand”. 

 “Solid H2” ​ 
When we refer to “Solid H2” in this document, we mean Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4). There are other chemical compounds which also have similar qualities, but for now, NaBH4 has the best trade off between energy density, availability and cost (it is closest to becoming economically viable). Over time, with greater advancement in material sciences other compounds may eventually become viable as well. 

Three Key Points to Note:  ​
(1) Increased packaging cost to be offset by savings in storage and logistics; ​ 
(2) Safety is significantly enhanced because we avoid bulk storage of high pressure H2 gas; ​ 
(3) Most significantly, Solid H2 Logistics Eliminates the huge upfront infrastructure “entrance fee” - the “chicken and egg” curse of H2 that has resulted in many false dawns. Once production price of NaBH4 is addressed, we will have a solution that can rapidly scale throughout the planet to effect the substitution of Fossil Fuels.