Galaxy FCT - A Hydrogen Solution
Solid H2 - An Idea Whose Time Has Come 
Solid H2 Logistics is an idea whose time has come. This was not the case in the past. For the longest time, it had been “a bridge too far”. Even as recent as 2007, US DOE had a “no-go” on NaBH4. But the rationale given, all valid in 2007 do not apply given what has changed in the last decade. 

The Converging Factors that has Changed Everything 
  • Cost of renewable energy has fallen by 80% to 90% in the last decade; ​​ 
  • Fuel Cells are now much smaller, more efficient and prices have fallen over 60% in last decade;
  • Electrolyzers and large-scale batteries have become larger, more efficient and lower cost; ​ 
  • Climate Crisis is clearly recognized as “clear and present danger” as opposed to something that “my grandkids may need to deal with” a decade ago; ​​ 
AND, GFCT has now resolved the issues with the rapid and efficient release of H2 Gas from NaBH4 which makes delivery of “H2 Gas on demand” as reality. 
The Times and Conditions are right for H2 Logistics to go SOLID. And the Climate Crisis demands that we make it happen as soon as possible