Galaxy FCT - A Hydrogen Solution

GFCT H2 Reactor

We are a hydrogen technology company which has recently made a key breakthrough that in RAPID and EFFICIENT release of H2 gas from Solid H2 which, in turn, has enabled delivery of H2 Gas “on-demand”. 

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We are able to release 120-126 kg of H2 gas from 1 m3 of Solid H2 (NaBH4). This compares favorably against all other conventional H2 carriers including Liquid H2 (which only carries 71 kg of H2 gas per m3). 
Because chemical reaction in the reactor is exothermic, there is no requirement for energy input at user location. This provides much more operational flexibility and can effectively serve remote locations which are not covered by grid as well as mobility applications which are hard to abate. 
The User-End equipment is safe and modular, making it easy to scale right across the planet as soon as production costs are adequately addressed. The entire supply chain is safe, economical and "infrastructure light".