Galaxy FCT - A Hydrogen Solution

The Future of Hydrogen Logistics is SOLID

The Case for Solid H2 Logistics

The logistics of Hydrogen has for the longest time being carried out in the form of Liquid H2 and High Pressure Compressed Gas (hereinafter, "Conventional H2 Logistics"). We believe that the future is SOLID for the reasons postulated below:     
  • Climate Crisis requires global decarbonization in the shortest possible time and after decades of denialism, the effects or climate change is now "in our faces".  Immediate and impactful measures are required.  Hydrogen is seen as a critical part of our toolbox.
  • Conventional H2 Logistics is not capable of delivering the rapid global decarbonization that the world needs. It cost too much, changes far too little and delivers far too late. Hanging on the a flawed ecosystem that cannot scale will only "liquify" the huge potential of Hydrogen as an effective weapon against climate change.

  • Solid H2 Logistics bypasses the need to fight the physics by packaging green H2 at point of production into a solid chemical compound which is energy dense, non-flammable, handled at ambient temperature without pressure. Thereafter, all storage and logistics is carried out in solid form - safe and efficient logistics. H2 Gas is released "on-demand" at user location when required.  
  • Solid H2 Logistics have only recently become a real possibility due to the convergence of many factors. For a long time, it was a "bridge too far". That has changed today. Its an idea whose time has come ... because the Climate Crisis is crying out for a solution which it can supply.   
  • Pricing and affordability can be brought down significantly with a combination of focus, scale, time and further technological advances.  Ten years ago, no one could foresee where tariffs from Solar PV are today.  We expect the same to happen with Solid H2.  Given the immense scale that H2 will be required in the immediate future, we expect the price reduction to be even more spectacular.

The future of H2 Logistics is SOLID. We need to let go of the conventional ways to ensure that we do not "liquify" the wonderful potential of Hydrogen to substitute fossil fuels across the entire planet before its all "too little too late".